European Champs Day 3

Hey Folks- good news here as another site was found with no hazards… Bad news is Joerg got the van stuck in the mud again and once again we got towed out with a tractor- A big beast of a tractor! See pics….

Sailing-wise the gold fleet got one race in- Medium breeze and soft ice- Power sail and max thickness inserts seemed to be the runner of choice; they stayed on top of it better than thin ones- Angles were too slick and min tees dug in…. Interesting…..

The race was energetic- Lots of sheeting in and out as the boat entered and exited the sticky patches- Pinching wasn’t an option-

After pooching the start I was able to wiggle free and weasel my way into fourth- very happy with that.

Some protests this afternoon having to do with whether or not a few boats sailed inside the Darling marks…. Hope it’s all resolved without drama….

Nice party at dinner tonight hosted by the Dutch team- there was a rules quiz and a raffle. Of course two of the prizes were tulip bulbs and fake fuzzy wooden clogs- Gotta love the Dutch- Thanks guys!!

Going to bed now- Gold up first tomorrow!

Check interweb for results etc- Cheers! T

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