Tartu, Estonia

Hello Folks- An epic overnight road trip took us from Bad Zwischenahn, Germany to Tartu, Estonia. A slow leak in a rear tire led us to a farmer with a full auto shop in his barn for a quick fix (see photo) and morning saw us arrive at the launch site near Tartu, kinda in central Estonia-

Cool place! There is a center for education in limnology here (the study of lakes and ponds I think) and we were able to go in and check out the various creatures they have in a selection of really well done aquaria, including one set into the floor and covered with glass that you can walk on. Big sturgeons in that one plus carp, perch, pike, shiners…. All stuff from the lake. Awesome!

Opening ceremonies are done, I got to hold the US flag as I am the lone Yank competing- See the photo for a holder’s eye view-

Well over 150 boats registered, some sexy gear in the pits for sure-

Bad news is it’s fairly warm and the ice is degrading- Will see what the morning brings-

Time to hit the hay- been a long few days!

Stay tuned- T

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  1. instigator928

    Good Luck T. Represent us (US) well!

    03/01/2015 at 4:48 pm