DN World Champs Video!!

While we are all waiting for fresh ice take a look at this fresh vid from the worlds last month-

Some good shots of our own Eric Anderson cooking around the top mark in good company!!

It’s all in French you may want to pull the cork on a nice bottle of wine and have a little cheese and invent your own subtitles….


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  1. Doug Adams

    2/25/15..After checking Bellport bay at 3 location, Hank Kaiser, Chris Miller and I tried sailing, what appeared to be good 6-8″ snow ice on salt ice.of the spots we looked at the last looked to be oldest and we drilled and walk a lot of it..you could see open water by the channel and an open inlet far to SE..After only 1 or 2 runs Chris went too close to open water , south of where we agreed was safe. Ice to north where i made one run was safe.
    Hank nearby Chris went to assist. Chris didn’t know it at the time but he could touch bottom.
    After getting him out and back to truck and dried..we went to retrieve his very nice and new
    to him DN. He put on heavy full wet suit booties gloves hood and had flippers and life jacket.
    the ice close to the boat, actually150-200′ away was not safe 3″ salt ice. and required much
    rope several ice screws which didn’t hold that well in the poor ice. key to the rescue was
    taking a 10’x 1.5″x 12″ plank. and they had to lay on the plank to get close enough to get to
    boat. Chris was then able to go in water to turn boat around, get two runners on ice and repeatedly lift the other plank runner up on ice while Hank pulled. Finally boat got to strong enough ice, and Hank was able to pull it further towards better ice with Chris tied to boat.
    We did this from up wind of where he went in, because we thought the ice better there and
    boat headed into wind would be easier. my main role was in cause Hank also went in. and to pick up extra stuff. Key points to success was wet suit etc to enable Chris to go back in
    and orient Boat and having enough rope to be able to stay far enough away on marginally
    safe ice, and the plank to lay on. ice picks were a little short for the soft salt ice, ice screws
    worked better. I think we had 3 throw bags and 75-100 ft of extra polypro rope and other lengths we used all of it..finally got back to parking lot full of police cruisers an ambulance
    paramedics, but thankfully didn’t need them..sorry to be so long, Doug Adams Vice Commodore Lake Ronkonkoma Ice Boat and Yacht Club

    02/25/2015 at 9:18 pm