Central Lakes Champs- Stand down….

This is the latest from the gang in the Central Region…. Bummer! Thanks to everyone out there for scouting the place out and getting the permits etc…. Hope we get out that way soon!

In the meantime work on the boats, do your sit-ups and neck exercises and wrack your brains to find a lake in New England that hasn’t been blanketed! T

Hello Everybody –

Alum creek continues to show great ice conditions with no snow on the surface. Temps today should continue to improve the ice.

The bad news: It needs to be sailed tomorrow (after todays warm-up) to test the conditions. Forecasted Winds in the 25-30 MPH range are not conducive to that.
Worse news. Saturdays forecast is for 20-29 MPH winds. Because the lake will not allow much more than 3/4-7/8 mile course in the West-to-East direction, this is not acceptable conditions for more than 10-15 boats in a fleet. (we know we should get 20-30+ each fleet).
Nail in the coffin news: The high temp on Sunday is: 7 degrees.

Add to that the longer distance traveled by most sailors, and what the heck, lets throw in the Valentines day thingy while were at it…

So – after going through the motions of applying for a permit to hold our regatta there, It looks to be in our best interest to try it another weekend someplace.

Thanks to local sailor, John Wargo for the updates and pictures during the week! And also thanks to Jane Stites and Jason Meyers at Alum Creek state park for helping expedite the permit process and making us welcome there.

If anyone is interested in a good day of sailing, I am willing to go all day Friday to Alum Creek. Conditions appear good that day – 9-15 MPH with a high of 22 degrees.

-Kent US 5219

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI 02840

401 258 6230

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