Whether oh Weather its all about the Weather or Not…

Weather or not…

Or should I say just more of what we know to be the reality of New England and ice boating in general.  Reports have been pouring in about newly sailed ice in NH on Sunapee as well as Winnipesaukee.  Winni was checked as a DN Gold Cup site but it was not to happen this time around.

Conditions have remained either stable or improved on most of the places people were sailing in CT and MA.

Question is how much crap will fall from the sky tonight and into tomorrow and how far north the front’s edge will go.  If your local you know what the weather is doing if not reach out to someone who is before driving.  Club contact info is in the members tab at the top.  If you have forgotten your password just drop me an email john@neiya.org

Check out the CIBC’s site http://iceboat.me for local ice they are scheduled to hold the Commodores Cup on Chickawaukie Pond in Rockland ME.  It’s on the coast so again weather is coming.

Looking at the maps Winni and Sunapee may be spared.

– Lake Sunapee State Beach in Newbury NH
– Lake Winnipesaukee, Brewster beach in Wolfeboro NH

Remember i’m relaying what I learn from the neiyaicereports group (send mail to neiyaicereports.wiggio.com) rumors and such.  There is more out there lets get reports in next week after this weather event clears on by.

Good luck to our Gold Cub contenders up in Kingston ON.  Sail fast boys and bring home some silver!

Sail fast, sail heads up, sail safe and watch out for hazards,

John Stanton
NEIYA Vice Commodore

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  1. Ronald Bouchard

    Hey John, wanted to drop you a line to thank you for all this effort you put in. Sincerely, very much appreciated.

    Hope all is well for you. We’ve got tons of beautiful ice on mallets bay in colchester so I’ll be spending my afternoon there with a few of the locals. Take care, Ron.

    Ron Bouchard Shelburne, VT 802-238-7529


    01/24/2015 at 10:33 am

  2. Charlie

    Paul and I sailed out of Wolfeboro bay today with enough wind to make some speed runs. It is still pretty rough but a good shakedown cruise for my new super DN, everything held together. Attempted walking the boat through the rough section leading to smoother ice in the Broads area. Difficult with all parts of the boat banging on the irregular surface. Ellacoya on the other side of the lake providers a much better plate of ice to play on. Depending on the snow amounts may try Lake Wentworth also in the Wolfeboro area.

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    01/23/2015 at 8:44 pm