Mid Week Status Report

We are making ice. Cold temps around the North East and lots of places have skimmed over.

Vermont doesn’t sound like she has much to offer. Big breeze has been an issue. Inner Malletts Bay is frozen but it sounds like there are some good sized open spots in the middle.

In New Hampshire Winni has started to lock up. I got a report of 2 inches of ice at levetts beach and they are going back tomorrow to scout and hopefully sail.

Similarly the guys in Maine are going to check the southern bay of Lake Sebago which had 1.5" of fresh ice today.

There looks to be some sort of snow event on Friday which could jam us up but we will see what reports come back tomorrow. Other than that it is shaping up to be a good weekend for ice boating. My intention is to pick a location for the Doc Fellows regatta based on tomorrow’s scouting reports.

Please keep sending in any and all reports.

Think Ice!


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