Doc Fellows, Easterns, WORLDS!!

Serious low temps over the next few days are raising hopes for getting the Doc Fellows run this weekend (Jan 10-11), followed by the Eastern States DN Champs next weekend (Jan 17-18). Both followed by the Worlds and NA’s from January 24-31. We are anxious to get these going for more than the usual reasons of just having some great regattas- READ ON- THIS IS IMPORTANT.

As you know the DN World and North American champs are being hosted (and hopefully actually run) in the Eastern Region. Our own Eben Whitcomb is the Eastern Regional DN Class Commodore and has the massive task of organizing this whole event- He is doing a great job but this is a big job which requires time and effort and manpower and infrastructure- All of which we could use a hand with- Here goes, in no particular order:

ICE- We need a big plate of ice- well over 100 boats are expected so a small pond or bay won’t do. Must have a good launch area with plenty of parking and hopefully a big hotel or two nearby. So the ulterior motive for the next two weekend regattas is to get people out and scouting! Everyone normally does an awesome job scouting and reporting but we are asking everyone to take it up a notch and find the perfect plate somewhere east of Ohio for a change!

VOLUNTEERS- We have most of the regatta management positions filled but we can always use more hands to run this thing- if you are interested in volunteering to help out in any way contact Eben Whitcomb.

ATV’s- When running a big regatta like this you can’t have enough 4-wheel ATV’s to move marks, move people, move starting lines, and move boats that aren’t sailable. So far we have one or two lined up but depending on where we go they may or may not be available. They also need to be transported to and from the site, which means a suitable tow vehicle and trailer should be part of the mix- This is a big ask to say the least but we are swallowing our pride and begging:
IF YOU OR ANYONE YOU KNOW OWNS OR CAN BORROW, RENT OR STEAL AN ATV FOR THE WEEK PLEASE CONTACT EBEN IMMEDIATELY!! Our eternal gratitude as well as dinners and drinks and many karma points will be added to your account with the cosmos…

Jokes aside we need ATV’s and people. PLEASE contact Eben at 860 304 6319 or ebenw3 to help out.

Many Thanks and THINK ICE! Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at this great event and at the next two weekends as well!

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI 02840

401 258 6230

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