Regatta News???

OK folks, we didn’t get the New England Champs in last season and with the clock ticking down on the year we are toying with the idea of a mid-week regatta; most likely this Wednesday…. Here is the thinking:

1- We are getting reports of ice up in Maine- people are sailing Pushaw Lake up near Bangor today, if it’s good we may have a venue. Far enough north that sailors from the far side of the St. Lawrence can get there too!

2- Weather looks a bit “iffy” over the weekend but better starting about Tuesday.

3- While we generally sail on weekends we figure most people are off this week anyway and we can give about three days notice so people can plan and travel.

4- As mentioned above it would be good to get the 2014 NE champs in the books.

5- The Gold Cup and North American Champs are around the corner and we all need to do all the sailing we can before then!!!

6- It’s just plain time to get this season going! So plan on a mid-week regatta, get your gear loaded up and ready, tell the family you are gonna be stepping out out for a little while on New Year’s Eve, and stay tuned to this site for details!

Think Ice!! T.

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