2014 Swap meet Recap

NEIYA_swap_meet_2014A good time was had by all.  There were lots of tails ice stories from past seasons as well as fresh ones from the recent Western Challenge Wisconsin. Behind the chatter, real work was going on.

A three man team attacked the rows of dull and some lacking any edge at all blades.  Eben looked over each blade with a keen eye and light box and made recommendations as to how best sharpen it.  Many were sent upstairs to Steve.  Where for the first time at it’s new home in the Lamb shop’s crows nest and Whiz construction platform the Leonizing/Healyomatic runner profiler, sharpener and re-conditioner was used to grind an initial edge in preparation for the final sharpening.  Eric once again manned the grinder and smoothly drew each blade across the belt for most of the day.  A big thank you to Eric and the rest of the runner sharpening gang.

Thanks to Linda Lamb everyone was well fed with a great assortment of food and goodies.  Every time I turned my back the onion dip bowel was filled again.  Sour cream and onion, one of my favorites.

Steve thanks for opening up your shop to the hoards of ice boaters.   Hope to see your new and very own Whiz hitting the ice soon.

Won’t be long now.  Keep your eyes open to reports coming in from our friends in Maine at iceboat.me.  We could have some New England sailing before Christmas.

Sail Fast and Sail Safe,

John Stanton
NEIYA Vice Commodore

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