Bruised, Sore, And Psyched

Greetings from the proud highway-

We are headed home following a stellar day on the ice- Good breeze, clear ice, three races for each fleet (DN Gold, DN Silver, Renegade and Ice Opti). Full-on, warped out high speed sailing! Awesome.

Flat sails and flat runners were the order of the day- That and keeping your head out of the boat and keeping it moving forward- FAST!

The charge was led by Ron Sherry with John Dennis and Mark “The Doctor” Christensen rounding out the top three- Yours truly in fourth after making Ron look over his shoulder all day…. Oliver and Eric stayed high in the top ten- Our Canadian friends did well too- All shits and grins!! See Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club page for full results-

We used Darling marks and eliminated the safety zone at the finish to the delight of all- The course is way safer and not dealing w the safety zone is (ironically) less dangerous and makes life for the committee much easier- Many more races per day are possible with this system!! More on all of this later….

Thanks to John Dennis for dreaming this event up, to Springers Restaurant for hosting us (great parking lot and even better once you get inside!), to Deb Whitehorse and Loretta Rehe for scoring, Peter ? For being race committee- All much appreciated!

And what update would be complete without an action photo from the back of the van? For your viewing pleasure, behold the team…

Think Ice!

James “T” Thieler

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  1. Harry

    Congratulations on a great event, T!

    12/07/2014 at 7:34 pm