And So It Begins….

Greetings from the proud highway!

The Great Western Challenge begins tomorrow-

Traditionally held the first weekend of December in Minnesota it’s been relocated this year due to- get a load of this- INSANELY GREAT ICE IN MADISON, WI. So the impossible does happen now and then…. So we are headed to Madison where the cheese is plentiful and the accents can’t be beat….

Should be cool- There will be DN’s and also Skeeters and Renegades sailing, one of the cool things about Madison- All kinds of iceboat activity-

Already on the way are at least two from NJ, four from NE, six from NS, maybe two from PA, several from ON, and a few truly hardcore from Europe. Add in all the usual nutcases from the Midwest and you Eb up with a big event! Semi-informal racing Fri-Sun…. Not too late if you want to join the party!! See the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club website for details….

Enjoy the pics- It’s the Chicago skyline, Art Samson driving and Oliver in the back doing what he does best-

Stay tuned and Think Ice!


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