NEIYA Crew Gear

Greetings on the day after Thanksgiving and we all have lots to be thankful for. I may be a little behind some of the hard core and our friends up in Maine, who have actually sailed, but today is annual set up the boat in the driveway day. The day I discover that some of those little things has fell into a rat hole over the summer. A harken block, bob stay nuts for plank. Hopefully this year will be different. Regardless West Marine is just down the road and always happy to take my money.

As discussed at our meeting last month we will be selling club logo clothing via. I have put up a few items and waiting on proofs for a few others. We will also be putting together group orders to take advantage of volume discounts and customize with your sail number if you want. Look for the email with product info. If you have any feedback on the items you want do let me know.

Our Gear Store is located at It is Black Ice Friday, do take a look and remember more items are coming. Sorry for perpetuating the Black Friday hype but couldn’t help the Black Ice pun.

Remember, our upcoming Tune Up Clinic at Lamb’s shop in Canton, MA on December 13th (that’s two weeks). More details shortly.

See you all at the Tune up or on the ice that follows,

John Stanton
NEIYA Vice Commodore

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