The Buffleheads Return and Ice is Close Behind

Aside from all the phone calls the ice boat chatter, my own trying to get things finished and our annual meeting I really know winter is upon us when the buffleheads return to my mill pond (tidal) down the street.

Unlike the mergansers, golden eyes and other winter ducks, the playful little buffleheads seem to love winter as much as we do.  They come to play each winter and so do we.


Enough bird talk for now.  Time for some ice boat business.

As I discussed in our meeting we will have a club logo gear webpage, clothing and other items available shortly.  Getting the right quality logos has been a little more complicated than expected.  Fear not though we will have our online store up and running well before “Black (ICE) Friday”.  Be sure to borrow some online shopping time from your employer on “Cyber Monday” to selfishly buy something for yourself and show your colors on and off the ice.

Next weekend we will be initiating our new ice finding messaging system.  All members will be notified via email  If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Switching to a more serious topic and tone.  Many of you have not paid your 2015 season dues.  Please do so soon.  No, make that now as your thinking of it.  Just a click away.

2015 Membership $30

Looking forward to seeing everyone on December 13 at Steve Lamb’s shop for our annual off ice tune up clinic.  Eric Anderson will once again roll up his sleeves and expertly sharpen members runners.  If anyone else has access to a grinder and would be willing to help please let me know.

More on this event as we grow closer.

The weather hyping media is calling for a polar vortex next week.  Could this possibly bring sailing before Thanksgiving?  Let’s hope so.  Remember we still have the New Englands to run before New Year’s Eve.

Get ready to sail fast,

John Stanton
NEIYA Vice Commodore

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