2014 Swap / Luncheon / Meeting Recap

2014_swap_montageMore Swap Meet pictures here.  Thanks to Jeff Soderholm

Saturday started out early,  like any given weekend during ice boat season.  With the sun rising over the Mass Pike in front of me, I knew the 2015 season was underway.

Rolled into Westbourgh just before nine grabbed a box of Joe and donuts from Dunkin Donuts and headed over to find the parking lot already and things were in full swing shortly there after.

There was the usual assortment of old and new equipment and this year there seemed to be more than the usual decent starter DNs.  They looked like decent boats to be sailed as is or add inserts and a bendy mast for racing.  More than a few items changed hands and and we look forward to seeing the new owners, a few new to the sport, on this ice this season.

I spoke with many of you in the off season and the consensus was to shorten the meeting portion of our event. Well, you asked for it and we delivered. Members were ushered into the hall for lunch in record time.  Thanks to everyone for your cooperation.

Like the meeting, I will keep it brief here as well.

Thanks to Steve Duhamel and NorthWind Iceboats for his generous contribution to the door prize pool.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist but carpet baggers from from NY did seem to take away more then their share.

Your 2015 Season team
Commodore – Jim Thieler
Vice Commodore – John Stanton
Treasurer / Secretary – Robert Haag
Race chair – Oliver Moore
Cruising Chair – Bill Buchholz
Ice Report Chair – Rick Bishop

Information on our new hotline email forwarding and NEIYA logo clothing will be forthcoming.  Watch your email and this site.

We all look forward to a great season including, conditions depending, hosting the DN Worlds in our back yard.

Next up, the annual off ice tune up at Steve Lamb’s shop Saturday, December 13th.  See you all there.

Happy gear prepping and thinking about the cold weather to come.


John Stanton
NEIYA Vice Commodore


P.S. if you have not paid your 2015 dues please do so today.  2015 Membership 



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