Spring Clinic Report

Good turnout for the Spring Clinic and Hang-Out session!

If you weren’t there trust me, you missed a doozy…. about 100 people showed up along with a generous supply of spirits…. A dozen masts were measured, four were built, and five were raffled off! Congrats winners!!

Sadly, things got ugly when a few well-oiled attendees started the eternal Red Sox vs Yankees debate and what can only be described as a riot ensued. Somehow the normally placid Maine contingent not only got involved but came out on top of the whole melee. Bucholz in particular was like a freaking ninja. Who knew? It was awesome. Most of us made it out before the cops showed up. No charges were filed and the injuries were mostly minor.

OK, I’m exaggerating a little…. And maybe that last paragraph was pure fiction. Just wanted to see if y’all were paying attention.

Bad jokes aside I’d say about 30 people made it in and out of the shop during the day (Special prize to Leo Healy for showing up as Jeff was kicking us out!). We had people from Maine to LI to CT, new faces and grizzled ice veterans, and a good time was had by all! Not a bad turnout for an event that was more or less spur-of-the-moment. Hopefully we can build on this for next spring.

Jeff’s shop is surreal- carbon steering wheels and boat parts are scattered about, various rudders and posts are underway here and there, iceboat parts are visible here and there, giant milling machines are grinding away at precision molds and parts, and the big carbon thing on the floor that you just tripped over is a daggerboard for a 65 foot performance catamaran. The board is 17 ft long. WOW. Even the stuff in the scrap pile is cool! Great place for a bunch of gear heads to gather….

We were able to bend and measure a few rigs and see what people are using, and all kinds of talk was talked about building and repairing and any number of other topics. But the biggest crowd surrounded CSI rock star technician Tom, who was laying up a genuine CSI mast. He wasn’t phased by the prying eyes and was patient with all of our questions- Many thanks for the demo Tom! All were impressed by the skill and care that goes into these rigs. If you’ve ever seen or sailed one it is obvious.

Many thanks to Jeff Kent for providing the venue and Steve Duhamel for the coolers and ice- And thanks to everyone who made the trek! Hope everyone has a great summer and looking forward to seeing everyone at the Swap Meet… It’s practically right around the corner!


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Newport, RI 02840

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