Hey Folks- Should have a good crowd tomorrow at CSI for the Gathering Of The Ice Heads….

Will have authorities on hand to discuss the following and then some:

Getting Started:
-If you are just getting started or want to get going next year there will be several people there who can help you get an idea of the gear and mind-set you’ll need! We’d love to see some new faces-

Boat Building And Repair: Steve Duhamel, Bill Bucholz, Oliver Moore, Jeff Kent
-Like it’s hard to get a bunch of iceboaters talking about boat building….

DN Mast Construction: Jeff will have one of his technicians building a CSI DN rig during the event- Very interesting to see how these things get put together- see it first hand!!
-There are people who would KILL to see how these rigs get made….

Mast Measuring:
-Bring your mast (DN or whatever you have) and we will be set up to deflect it and get some data on it’s bend characteristics- see how your rig compares to the ones the best sailors in the world use!

Runner Aligning:
-Your Commodore will be demonstrating how the Midwestern hot-shots line up their runners…. Easy and accurate!

Tales from Europe:
-The three US representatives from New England will be sharing all the stories from our Europe trip that we couldn’t put on the website…. You may be surprised at how do-able a Europe trip can be!

Race Tactics:
-Jeff, Oliver,T, and whoever else will be discussing race tactics…. Good stuff to learn for racing and cruising alike!

So come one come all to CSI tomorrow from 1-5PM and join the fun! Bring whatever you might be thirsty for-

Scroll down for more details- see you all tomorrow!!

Think Ice! T

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI 02840

401 258 6230

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