Canadian Training Technique

It seems our neighbors to the north have developed a new off-season training regimen….
Watch the video to see what they are up to. Cleary we all need to up our game here in the States.
The relevant part starts at 18:15 into the video and ends at 20:15.
When you hear ready set go, that is NEIYA member Bob Crinion on the face off…
You have to endure the Ads first…then you can advance to 18:15.

Only in Canada!!

CBC News: Nova Scotia – April 17, 2014

image CBC News: Nova Scotia – April 17, 2014CBC TV News, Weather and Sports from Halifax
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  1. John Stanton

    I have always focused on staying on top of the water. Guess I have been missing something. What is the cold wet below the ice advantage?


    04/23/2014 at 11:13 am