Canadian Champs Recap

Good recap of the weekends racing from our host John Curtis along with some pics and a video from some of the Queen’s university Sailing team members who were awesome enough to run the races. Got to love the new techniques.

Hi Andre,

It turned out that Saturday was the better day. Good lesson in trying to predict ice conditions.

We had 7 races. Final results were

1st James Thieler
2nd Oliver Moore
3rd Peter Van Rossem (1st Canadian)

I left the score sheets at home but the two US boats, fresh back from the Worlds in Estonia seemed to have an extra top end gear and they were very polished in the transitions at the start and whenever the wind died.

Saturday was looking grim at 8 am We had 5 cm of fresh snow, but the lake was quite wind blown so not much coverage out there. The temperature had gone down to -5 C overnight and frozen up all the remaining puddles on the ice left over from a rain on Wednesday.

We did 4 races on Saturday and 3 on Sunday. The ice got soft about 3 pm on Saturday so we decided to wait for Sunday to finish the regatta.

The wind on Saturday was 8-10 kts but the ice was a little soft so it was time to power up. The best combination for the day seemed to be an FO1 with inserts on the side and a Persian slipper in the front. Despite this, T seemed to make the flater ABSS go well and just squeaked ahead of Oliver in the overall results for the day despite Oliver having a slight edge in speed. It may have been different if Oliver had used the same set up for all the races. He started with snow runners in the first race but just did not have enough grip upwind.

Sunday was challenging with a north east wind that was quite light and eventually shifted to the North West and then later to the south west after racing finished.

Sunday saw the two US boats extend their lead but Peter VanRossem also had a second in race 6, beating Oliver by almost a full lap. Peter demonstrated his strategic prowess in Kingston Harbor by always going the right way and gave the US boats a run for their money in every race. With his new boat almost done, he will be a force to be reckoned with next season. Great to see the Kingston fleet pushing each other so hard.

Big thank you to all the volunteers who helped run the regatta and especially the Queen’s University Sailing Team who provided 6 people to help run races.

This event also spurred the Kingston fleet to improve their race marks and start line marks.

T and Oliver, please add anything you can think of. I will send a few pictures.





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