Canadian Champs

Four races yesterday on some soft ice that had, shall we say, a bit of texture to it…. Enough breeze to keep speeds high and power through it! Some sore but happy people walking around this morning….

Yours truly and Oliver Moore are having a real battle for first with me currently leading by a nose. Local favorite John Curtis has a good grip on third. We have sailed a few races within a few boat lengths of each other the entire way around the track. Very cool!

More racing today, will see how things go-

Breeze, sun, ice, and great Canadian hosts- Can’t ask for more than that!

Put this one on your list for next year folks, it’s a good one!

Stay tuned, T

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One response

  1. Ed Edwards

    I think we need a drone with a camera to hover over all races. I never raced but am very curious how you determine how much to pinch into the wind or not and get better speed?

    03/23/2014 at 10:29 am