Hello Everyone,

Looks like there is ice up yonder!

Kingston, Ontario is prepared to host the Canadian Championships this weekend. If you haven’t sailed out of this club before now is your chance! Great clubhouse, tons of cool photos and a fun town to boot- A few of us made it up that way last year and we had a great time- Dig out the passport and gas up the car and get a move on!!

Kingston Yacht Club will be the launch site – 1 Maitland Street, Kingston, Ontario.

Current ice conditions:
There are scattered puddles from Wednesday night rain that have iced over but there is still about 1 cm of water below. We are breaking through but believe they will freeze up tonight (low of -4).

The snow in the forecast looks minimal and given the wind should not accumulate above insert runner depth.

Saturday is still looking “iffy” due to temperature but Sunday through Wednesday will be superb. My instinct is that we will be able to sail on Saturday but its hard to be sure.

You can’t play if you don’t show up! See y’all up there- stay tuned to this site for updates-

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI 02840

401 258 6230

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