Not so much.

In keeping with the script for this winter Sebago was treated to 8″ of fresh snow last night. So there goes that option.

The next option would be Damariscotta lake which saw rain instead of snow. But with a questionable forecast for the weekend and not enough time to get a good sense of the new situation I am hesitant to call a regatta on. There is a chance there will be sailing but not enough for me to make the call. So we will post pone out attempt at the New England’s till next weekend.

As an alternative there are rumors in the wind that our neighbors to the north are going to run their national championships in Kingston, ON. Looks like they have a good shot at some epic sailing so some of us at planning on packing the passports and making a run for the border.

So no club racing this weekend but let’s go give the Canucks hell.

Till next time.

Oliver Moore

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