Still More Ice – March 15-17th Recap

It is that time of year again, #lastice2014.  Ice is out on many of our favorites and all eyes are watching the melt down and nightly resurfacing on others.  In my backyard Holly Pond, a brackish mill pond opening up to the Long Island Sound, was skimmed over shore to shore at 7:00 am this morning.  I’d like to think otherwise but  know it’s done for the next 10 months.

Bantam lake in CT was sailed on Saturday and Sunday. Things were a bit mushy on Saturday and the better day was certainly Sunday.  We will have to see how long this lasts.  As we near the end, be especially careful.

Webster lake was the place to be for St. Patrick’s Day. No green ice but seven boats sailed in a good breeze of 10-15 in the morning, moderate mid-day, and lightening toward late afternoon.  Ice was hard snow ice, somewhat rough, but fast enough with a breeze to be fun. It was cold, 20 degrees, and the ice was tight to the the shore in the launch area. It is expected to be cold through Tuesday. This may not be the last of Webster. Stay tuned and be extra cautious.

As you have no doubt already read on the CIBC site the snow melted and people are sailing once again.  Looking like there may be a couple more road trips in the near future.

We will continue till #lastice2014.  Keep the faith there is more sailing to be had and the New England’s to run.  With the return of T and Oliver, competition will be at it’s peak for the season!

John Stanton
NEIYA Secretary

P.S. I know I am missing something out there in New England.  Please don’t keep it to yourself.
P.P.S. Maybe an occupational hazard or some other strange affliction but the NEIYA speaks hashtag.  #lastice2014 use it…

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