March 8-9th Weekend Picture Recap

The weekend report is running a little late as I had one eye on the weather and was hoping to bring good news for this coming weekend.  Well, lesson learned don’t delay as this season continues to challenge us all.

Reporting from Long Pond in Lakeville  Jeff Soderholm and Bill Converse both got some sailing in challenging spring like conditions.

Ice softened to slush over the weekend by early afternoon.  Some people started out at dawn to get the most in for the day.  If there is ice they will come, even setting up in the dark. Proving once again that in tough years extra efforts are required to get in ice time.

Click images for more from Long Pond and Sebago

As promised by the CIBC gang Sebego had a good surface and easy drive on access. We got to fly the NEIYA banner for the first time, thanks to Greg Cornelius for securing this for us. Looking forward to having it and it’s counter part proudly flown when and where ever we gather.

Flying the NEIYA Colors

As previously reported the Don “Doc” Fellow was held on Saturday and the Maine State Open on Sunday. Thanks to Steve Madden and Dave Fortier for their advance scouting and officiating. I don’t know who to thank from Nason’s Beach & Campground but thanks just the same for the convenient access. All that’s left to talk about is where the clipboard went, the good competition (no Bob, I don’t count this one as a win over you) and the pictures.

Special thanks go to John Hayes from Pownal, ME for sharing his photography with us. Even though I said everything I could to discourage him, John wants to get a boat and join us. Anyone have a decent reasonably priced craft that needs a good home?  The full album is available here

I was reminded recently of something we all know from someone who has logged 40+ years of ice time. Keep an eye out not only for yourself but your sailing buddies as well.  This  is especially important during spring-like and other unstable times to.   Keep a sharp watch out during the day.  If anyone gets in trouble you may be their only hope.  Ice is a living thing and pressure ridges and other hazards can emerge while your out sailing about.  Always be aware there are know, unknown and hazards forming on the horizon.

Sail fast, sail safe and be aware and watch out for everyone on the ice. Keep the faith as the season is not over just yet. Lets hope we gather somewhere this weekend.

John Stanton
NEIYA Secretary

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  1. Long Pond Lakeville is2/3s open water as of Thursday 13 Mar.

    03/13/2014 at 6:17 pm

    • Doug sorry to hear thanks for update

      03/13/2014 at 9:06 pm