One last post to close out the story here….

We managed to find the airport despite having no map, no digital assistance and not much sleep- Luckily we, as good sailors should be, are dialed directly into the forces of nature and we homed right in on it….

A little careful stacking of gear on SmartCarts (see photos) and a little smiling and polite talk with the folks in charge of oversize baggage and all of our stuff was carted off to the plane. We are often asked how much it costs to drag all that stuff over The Pond and it’s a very reasonable $300 for the whole kit and caboodle. Just insist that irbid a windsurfer and don’t use the word “boat.”

The flight was smooth, and the view of a frozen ocean down below was a treat…. Miles of sea ice, what a sight.

So home again and back to the grind- we had a great trip, great times, great racing- Nothing like it on the planet!

We also had great hosts- Thanks so much to Jorg, Torsten and Stefan for looking after us!

Stay tuned, maybe sail this weekend somewhere….

James “T” Thieler12 Channing St.
Newport, RI. 02840

401 258 6230

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  1. John Stanton

    Looks like a windsurfer to me 😉

    03/13/2014 at 2:14 pm