2014 Don “Doc” Fellows Regatta is Completed!

The NEIYA Don “Doc” Fellows was run Saturday 3/8/14 on Sebago Lake (big bay), N. Sebago Maine on a big patch of good ice.  Patience was the rule of the day and a gigantic high over the lake ruled the wind.  The race was to be called off at 3:30 if the wind had not arrived.  Well, the wind Gods must have be listening.

Just before the abandonment call, the wind rolled in.  It did not slowly build as usual but came in at 12 to 15 mph, almost instantly!

We were off to the races to quickly set the marks and line.  Four races were completed before darkness set in.  One throw out was allowed with the completion of the 4th.

Eric Anderson ruled the day with 4 bullets.  Nicely done Eric!  On his heels was the tough competitor Greg Cornelius with a solid second place sporting some of his light air gear and still managed to hang in there.  Dave Fortier nailed third place and was super fast catching the fleet.  It was fun to watch the two Canadians Warren Nethercote (4th) and Peter Van Rossem (5th) duke it out with Warren just edging out Peter.  Thanks for going the distance.  Jack Erikson (6th) hung tough and consistent and was quoted ” I had a blast”.  Doug Raymond (7th) struggled a bit, but likely due to lack of racing ice time.  We look forward to seeing Doug rekindle that competitive spirit.  We were honored to have two NEIYA officers, Secretary John Stanton (8th) and Treasurer Bob Haag (9th) participate and gave it their all.  Unfortunately, Bob broke his tiller early on but he was later overheard saying ” All I wanted was to kick John’s butt”.  Must be some officer thing! Just kidding guys!

See you at the New England Champs.

Steve Madden

P.S.  Don “Doc” Fellows regatta history https://theneiya.org/doc-fellows/ including a list of past winners and recaps.  We are a little short on some of the history so please let me know if you can help filling in some early info.

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  1. Warren Nethercote

    Hi Steve,

    As much as I’d like to, I don’t remember beating Greg in Race 2. I do remember leading him for two laps, but have memories of his shadow gradually rolling past me on the third beat, which is after all the lap that counts. 🙂 With regrets to Peter that would still give me the edge in the Canuck match, although he whupped me in the Maine States the next day.

    Thank you all for an enjoyable weekend away from home. When I returned home today my wife asked if it was worth all that driving. I told her “Yes indeed!”.


    03/10/2014 at 7:01 pm

    • Warren, thanks for pointing this out. We consulted the original race result sheets and corrected the results.



      03/11/2014 at 2:06 pm