Packin’ Up….

Hello All- We “rolled right through the night” to paraphrase the Little Feat song…. Estonia, Latvia (cool stop for lunch in Riga), Lithuania, Poland, and Germany in only 24 hrs on the road.

Now cleaning up cars, trailers and boats back at Torsten Siems’ place in Bad Zwischenhahn….

Photo is Oliver’s runner box- As you can see by the rags he is into maintinance- As you can see by the fact that there is more than one you can see that he has yet to learn the virtue of using one rag over and over.

Some people…..

Hope all well back home- Bummed we are missing races there but psyched y’all are still sailing!


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  1. That runner box looks freekin heavy.

    03/09/2014 at 11:14 pm