World Champs Done!

Just wrapped up the awards banquet that capped off seven good races-

All in all a good regatta- The Europeans put on quite a show, on and off the ice- Especially the Poles- Karol Janlonski led a strong team to take first- Well done- he was able to skip the final race.

Full results are online somewhere, try google or bing- I’m too tired to look them up! Our gritty little US contingent fought hard all day and showed improvement- Racing with a fleet this big and deep is a whole different ball game! Seems like we all found a gear during the final few races- All psyched for European champs which start tomorrow!  Editor’s note: provisional results HERE

Enjoy the pics from the banquet- One is our host Joerg and the mayor of Haapsalu, next is a bunch of award winners, and the last is our tired but psyched bunch of Yanks- Except for Hal and Mercedes, that is- They live in NC!

Stay tuned….

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