Estonian Fog

Racing called off today due to continued fog-

We made the best of it and took a walk downtown- Quiet and clean, has a real old-town feel. And it should, there’s been a town here since the 1200’s at least….

Snapped a few photos- First is the boats ready for action, next is Eben and Oliver next to the trailer- Note decaying, burned out buildings in background- Way out of character compared to the rest of town! Then another shot of derelict buildings with high tide debris in foreground- note abandoned watchtower in background…..

One nor the sights here is the remains of an old castle in the middle of town- Also from the 1200’s, with a looooong history…. The moat is now empty and has a playground set up for kids so of course Oliver had to take a spin on the little carousel! Eben and I are too mature and grown up for that sort of silliness so we played on the fake Viking ship.

Last photo is partner the castle. Pretty cool! Rounded out the tour w a little coffee and then dinner.

Better forecast for tomorrow- Fingers crossed!
Stay tuned…. T

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  1. Peter Van Roseem

    Thanks for all the Posts T ! Enjoying the reads!

    03/03/2014 at 2:09 pm