Estonia or bust!

Hello All- It’s been a blur….. All gear arrived in Frankfurt, drive to Joerg Bohn’s house in Bad Zwischenahn was trouble free, and then we had two delightful days messing with boats in Torsten Siems’ shop nearby-

This shop is a converted warehouse and it is SWEET. Flat floor, warm, high ceiling so you can step the mast on your DN w room to spare, every tool and workbench you can ever need, and of course it’s neat and clean and organized- Joerg and Torsten are amazing hosts- I can’t express how well they’ve taken care of us here-

Anyway the last few days have been a rush- The race was moved to Estonia so the travel plans were modified- Drive north, ferry to Denmark, cross Denmark, ferry to Sweden, north (rapidly!) to Stockholm, overnight ferry to Tallinn (where I’m sitting now) and then about two hrs on the road to Haapsalu and race site. Cool!!

Check the pics- First is Eben modifying his chocks at the shop, second is lunch- better than Mcdonalds! Hal Bowman in foreground, European commodore and host extraordinaire Joerg Bohn in the back- Third is Joerg and Torsten standing in front- Not forklift-operated plank bender in background- Now THAT is the way to align runners! I told you this shop has everything…

Fourth pic is two homeless waifs we picked up in Bad Zwischenahn. The girl seems nice but the guy is a bit sketchy….

Last photo is Joerg’s decade-old cell phone. This is a rare view of it as it is NOT in use- You can’t imagine the hours he spends on this phone organizing this regatta- Sites, accommodations, weather, national holidays is several different countries , ferry schedules, different languages, american guests, It all has to be taken into account. I don’t know how the hell he does it ! Many thanks Joerg!

That’s it for now- Stay tuned!


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  1. Dennis Quelch

    Good luck “T” ! Dennis

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