The Pile….

In “Think Ice!” Lloyd Roberts and Warner St. Clair spoke of “the yeast effect.” This refers to the tendency of the pile if neatly packed gear in a van or a trailer to rise and grow as a trip goes on and chaos takes over…. Judging by the photo we may just have that going on already! That’s Eastern Region commodore Eben Whitcomb barely visible behind the pile….

Speaking of “Think Ice” rumor has it that the book is back in print- See the CIBC site for details- If you don’t own this book, GET IT. If you already have a copy, GET ANOTHER.

Back to the trip- Flight was smooth as butter and no gear lost or damaged in transit- Thank you Lufthansa baggage technicians! Meeting with our German hosts tonight and the fun begins….

Stay tuned- T. DN US 5224

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