Melt, freeze and see…

As everyone knows we have been in a melt and watch, thaw and freeze phase.

While we wait, browse through the big batch of pictures taken at the DN North Americans by Joanne Kennedy. Hailing from Northern Alberta at one point the frigid cold did not discourage her from snapping some great pictures.

Her full outdoor body of work can be viewed at If you like something let her know.

The white stuff is melting so it wont be long. Till than sailing pictures will have to do.

The full album (340 pictures) is available for your viewing pleasure here or click image. As well as a few I pulled out below.

2014 DN North American’s Plattsburgh, NY
Photos by Joanne

Score card for NEIYA member pictures. I think I found them all but check the album to be sure.

US5469 – Oliver Moore
US4487 – Chad Atkins
US5224 – James “T” Thieler
US5193 – Eric Anderson
US4512 – Stephen Madden
US5022 – Ed Adams
US5492 – Dave Buckley
US4775 – Eben Whitcomb
US500 – Richard Crucet

Looking forward to when we sail again this season,

John Stanton
NEIYA Secretary

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  1. K11 Gareth Rowland

    posting DN worlds on facebook group “British Icesailing”.

    like your reports from the US.

    regards from Gareth K11

    02/26/2014 at 12:08 pm