So here we are.

Thursdays weather has dumped a foot of snow on everything north of Boston and wet out everything south of the Mass Pike. But we have more snow coming.

I walked Snipatuit pond in Rochester today and if it firms up tonight there is a chance it will be sailable tomorrow, but I am not confident enough in it to call a race on there. We are going to take another look at it tomorrow and scout it if safe. If it is doable and somehow the weather guys have it wrong and it survives to Sunday we will race the Doc Fellows. Those are some major "ifs". I will post again Saturday afternoon with another update.

There are other potentially sailable spots in Costal Mass and any and all information is helpful so please send in you reports.

Please remember and be aware that the current conditions are a recipe for extremely dangerous ice. Make sure to use extreme caution this weekend and please stay safe.

Oliver Moore
USA 5469
NEIYA Race Chair

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  1. Warren Nethercote

    Oliver: Nova Scotia got none of the snow the North East US got, just 50 mm of rain last night, with another 30 to 50 mm forecast over the weekend, so we will have had the Zamboni big time. The near-term forecast is above freezing so this weekend doesn’t look good. If we don’t get snow in the near future (what hope there?) a trip up here may be worthwhile for those New Englanders willing to travel. We will send ice reports if we have anything positive to send.

    02/14/2014 at 9:56 pm