Resolutely seeking…

As Race Chairman Oliver said yesterday “We don’t know where. We don’t know when…” We may not know about this weekend but do know that there will be sailing again real soon.

The only thing I know for sure is that four sailors found there way to the ice on Ashumet Pond in Falmouth, MA yesterday (2/12). As relayed by Bill Converse. The breeze was light. The ice was rough with some snow cover. The breeze came in toward the end of the day helping to power through the mess.

Brian Langley, Steve Madden and Jack Ericson

Brian Langley, Steve Madden and Jack Ericson on Ashumet Pond

Brian, Steve, Jack and Bill Converse behind the lens

Brian, Steve, Jack with Bill Converse behind the lens on Ashumet Pond

Recent snows bypassed the Cape and may be our next destination. We all want more ice time. Whether for thrills or pre Gold Cup (Poland) preparations, there is never enough ice time.

Ice scouting and checking is a thankless job and without it there would be no sailing for anyone. More on the scouting process from Eric Anderson in a couple days. Help out and report conditions to the hotline (508)377-6100 and press 1.

Stay resolute. Be vigilant. Let’s find some ice for everyone to enjoy.

Sail fast, sail safe

John Stanton
NEIYA Secretary

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