Hide and Seek…

Where is the ice hiding?  Plenty of it lies beneath white fluffy and crusty cruddy stuff but where is the sailable ice?

With the one two punch earlier in the week, this was not going to be an easy weekend to find ice.   It turned into a real game of icy hide and seek.  Looking at the storm’s impact the only possibilities were near the ocean.

Winners of this week’s ice and seek…

Dave Wilcox, Brian Langely, Doug Sharp, Henry Capotosto and Bill Converse sailed Ashumet Pond in Mashpee, MA Saturday.  Wind was light in the morning, but picked up later. Ice was snow ice, not smooth, but very sailable. We sailed until 3:30 PM.  All in all a good time was had by all.

Photo credits Bill Converse

Also on the cape, Seymour Pond was sailed by another group of usual suspects.  Conditions were a little rough but sailable.

Photo credit Jeff Soderholm

And west and more south, 84 miles as the crow flys, good ice could be had on Lake Ronkonkoma in Long Island NY.  I got the word from Rich Crucet late Saturday night that they had decent ice grade 7-8 at home.  Being just over an hour, I loaded up and set out on Sunday.

Ice was as promised though the wind was lacking till late in the day.  Thanks to the Ronkonkoma Ice Boat and Yacht Club for their hospitality.  Finest “blow torch dogs” and soup on any plate of ice on the island.

Looking like conditions improved even more down in NJ with the NSIBYC enjoying home ice on the Navisink river.  Photos by Jeff Smith

Thanks to Jeff Soderholm and Bill Converse for contributing to this weekends update as well as those calling in and emailing scouting reports.  Change is in the forecast, and the more we communicate the more we sail.

It paid to be more west and south than some of our usual plates.  What will next weekend bring?

Everything reported must be re-scouted  as conditions have changed and should not be considered safe.  Sail Fast, Sail Safe.

John Stanton
NEIYA Secretary

P.S. Ron Bouchard in Shelburne, VT posted a want ad in the classified section today.  He needs a DN boom.  Can anyone help him out? Email: ronaldabouchard@gmail.com . Lots of good stuff including Commodore T’s winning hull from CSI

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