Eastern DN Champs Underway!

The DN EASTERNS got started yesterday back at Monty bay in Plattsburgh, NY. This plate of ice was rejected for the NA’s but has smoothed out and de-drifted over the last week and it ain’t bad!

We have about 25 boats, not bad! A few new faces (all smiling at dinner) and sailors from South Carolina, Nova Scotia and everywhere in between!

Racing was interesting- Race one the left side was a superhighway while the right was a parking lot. Next race just the opposite. By the third I can’t tell you- My poor brain had turned to oatmeal. The key seemed to be to stay in the breeze- Watch the boats around the course and try to have a picture of where the wind was that minute- Harder than it sounds!

After a day of connect the dots on the course we headed to the pits- Oliver and I decided to stay out for a bit and try some tuning adjustments- The breeze came up and the snow started and we sailed in in a howling white-out. Cool!!!

Don’t quote me on this but I think Bob Schumacher is in third, Eric Anderson is in second, an yours truly just barely in front if him thanks to a lucky puff or two-

Then it was off to The Butcher Block for a big dinner with everyone- as always it was a good time- Jokes and stories and laughs all around-

And the food was phenomenal. I had the prime rib. If you look at the photo you’ll see my entree- Note the detail and subtlety of the plating and garnishing, the elegant interplay of food and fine china making the meal a feast not only for palate but for all the senses.

Ok, so there was no parsley (anyone know the famous parsley joke?) but that beef was delicious and the veggies were on another plate. Just the meal to have after a big day on the ice!

We may sail today, depends on how much snow fell last night-

Stay tuned…..

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