Scouting rewards and Change

Word is in from both Long Pond and Ninigret.  Scouting parties ventured out with caution and were able to sail though winds inland meant a good deal of pushing.

Reports of good sailing on Ninigret in Charlestown, RI yesterday.  Unfortunately conditions there are deteriorating rapidly as temperatures rise.  Salt ice is fragile and looses its integrity rapidly.  At this point this plate is NOT safe till things get cold again.

Th Long Pond Lakeville, MA gang set out over some fresh snow sailed and pushed some (on site details in previous posts comment)  Warming temperatures mean this plate will need to be rechecked and scouted before being sailed again.  A cycle we know all too well.

Thanks to Ed Edwards for the Long Pond Scouting fleet.  Yes, it was shamelessly pinched from Facebook.

Further north and east the Chickawaukee Boys ventured onto Damariscotta which was previously thought to be unsailable.  For details check out for their usual excellent coverage from the editorial staff of Buchholz, Roberts and Squib.

Up the Champlain Valley the DN and ISA Easterns are just getting underway.  The expansive plate has been talked about, sailed and envied for over a week.  Onsite updates to to come later from our Commodore AKA Mr “T”

Moral for this weekend and ice boating in general, sailable ice comes and goes.  Sometimes before we ever have a chance to enjoy it.  Find ice, get together for checking and scouting, talk it up and enjoy.  Safety in numbers is key.

The weather guy(s) are calling for some change over the next 48 hours but the barometer on my wall still reads high.


Here’s to change either for our local haunts or our ability to travel.

Be safe, especially as the ice is changing,

John Stanton
NEIYA Secretary

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