Scouts are out and about

Small and larger groups have been scouting all week.   Drive bys, walk ons and sailing parties all looking for that perfect plate.  Some have been rejected outright as having too many hazards others small areas of smooth ice surrounded by boat breaking rough area.

Sailing / scouting parties will be out on Long Pond in Lakeville, MA Friday morning and we look forward to getting reports for the weekend.  Another group will be scouting Ninigret Pond in Charlestown, RI.  With warming temperatures, Ninigret’s salt ice may not  survive into the weekend’s weather.

The real gem for the week is the NY side of Champlain off Platsburgh.  Check out the pictures taken by Bill Buchholz on if you have not already.  DN’s and Skeeters should find plenty of ice for all out racing.

More updates as they come in tomorrow.

Remember any ice warrants caution especially as temperatures rise,

John Stanton
NEIYA Secretary

One response

  1. A motley crew of ice addicts gathered on Long Pond LKVL Ma friday to get a fix. The surface was covered with a thin layer of powder.This helped highlight the frozen bumps and cracks. Multiple psi.ridges clearly visible were sailed to and over without incident.
    Most of the test holes showed 6+-”and the many snowmachine tracks gave us guidance.Sailed south to north 3/4 of the lake believe the north end to be safe and smooth tho unable to get there due to lack of wind.
    We all pushed as long as we sailed and the Saturday warm and 0 wind cast keeps us off ice today. Sunday may be ok but a careful thickness check is needed

    02/01/2014 at 7:00 am