To the Resolute Band of Ice Boaters

While this is what many of us are seeing on our local ice, the resolute have found,  scouted and sailed this weekend.

Bantam Lake CT 1/26/14

Bantam Lake CT 1/26/14 – Grim but there is 8 inches of ice below waiting to be sailed

Don’t despair, sailable ice has returned to New England!

As reported on the hotline the Pond of Webster Lake was scouted and sailed over the weekend.

Sailors from near and far (NH) sailed the North Pond, Webster, MA on Saturday and Sunday and reported surviving some fierce gusts and a a little snow on top of a good solid surface.  Look for this plate to improve with the warmer weather today and firm as the cold returns.  Sorry too cold and gusty for pictures.

Late Sunday morning a group of sailors including long time member Bill Converse and the former voice of the NEIYA Hotline Jeff Soderholm and five other sailors ventured onto Lake Nippenicket.  As reported by Jeff.

“Seven of us sailed the nip Sunday afternoon when the winds layed down a bit. The middle of the pond isn’t great. There was snow in the surface so when it warmed up Saturday it developed ridges. The Eastern shore there was a smooth stretch that we all did laps on that had enough length and size to make it worthwhile. No pictures. Expect there will be some sailing during the week in this area. Great herring should be the best plate once it thickens up a bit”

Bill Converse’s take on sailing on Nip “The surface is quite rough. Seems the weather of Saturday did some damage. Much snow on the west shore. We are hoping for some rain Monday, and a few of us may try to sail Tuesday or Wednesday. afternoon, if not there, somewhere else.  Ice is coming in again with the cold. ”

Apologies from your secretary for not spreading the above word.  it was a last minute Sunday gathering and I was en route to Bantam even though I knew it was covered with snow.  Had a nice walk and a few friendly chats with ice fisherman.  Just being outdoors made my weekend!  More on speeding up our ice communication process to come in the next week or so.

To the north members joined the Chickawaukee gang to scout and test the newly formed ice on Sebago Lake.   Bill Buchholz has an excellent writeup and reminder of how fragile ice can be on the CIBC website (

During the week lets keep an eye on our local bodies of water and ice and keep Bill Converse’s words in mind.  “…if not there, somewhere else.  Ice is coming in again with the cold”

While this plea should probably go at the top, I figure that anyone who reads to the bottom is more  likely to heed my plea.  We need to hear from YOU! Send pictures ( most of use have cameras on our phones), observations, thoughts, gripes, frustrations, joys and stories.   Everyone of us has a story to tell and here is your chance.  Leave a comment below, send me an email ( or leave a message, yes text messaging has not replaced the phone, at (508) 377-6100 and press 1.  Looking forward to hearing from the willing.  Remember this is OUR platform and open to all member contributions.

Looking forward to more cold and ice ahead,

John Stanton
NEIYA Secretary

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    Here in Red Bank N.J. home of The North Shrewsbury Iceboat & Yacht Club , we have 4-5 inches snow free ice with more to made the next few nights , no snow in the forecast – we hope to hold our Sweepstakes Regatta this weekend , open to all classes , and all iceboaters ! come south ! final call to be Thurs eve , check the iceline – 732 747 5665

    01/27/2014 at 6:24 pm

  2. Bill Maltby

    Nature’s Zamboni is hard at work on the Nip

    01/27/2014 at 2:55 pm