Well, some of these regattas go down without a fight and others can be stubborn…. This one is squarely in the latter category!

After the four races I wrote about earlier the fleet sailed in to see what the following day would bring (I’ve completely lost track of what day was what. I’m fairly sure today is Monday….) Although the conditions looked OK out of the hotel window the reports said the breeze was way up there and a team of scouts went to the lake to see how it was on the ice.

The report was short and sweet when they got back: “30 KNOTS and gusting higher- awards here in thirty minutes!!” And there you have it folks- the 60th DN NA’s are in the books.

Results here: https://ice.idniyra.org/Yearbook/History/North_American/2014

Thanks so much to everyone who made this one happen- and this time the list is much longer than usual- y’all know who you are!

Back to the pile of mail and bills on my desk…. Stay tuned, we are hoping to get more racing in locally as soon as possible!

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