Meanwhile back at the ranch…

The intrepid DN North American Championship competitors have remained in the same place for a couple of days and finally begun racing.  I will leave the recap to those who have stung their lungs on sub zero air and showered with hard sharp Champlain chips.  NEIYA members Eben and Eric began scouting locations for he NA’s two weeks ago.  Scouring bodies of water that straddle northern Vermont and Canada.  They again scouted the area ahead of the eastward bound ice-less hoard.

Our unsung heroes and MVP’s are the ice checkers.  They patiently watch as the edges begin to skim and smile when the morning light reveals fresh shore to shore black ice.  Setting out upon the plate they probe with ax and drill to determine thickness and strength.  Once a plate is confirmed to be sailable, word go out to the masses. Come out and play.

This is where we are now.   It has been bitterly cold for days, we have had snow a foot or so on the coast, ice is thickening as we speak and lakes and ponds are being eyed and checked.  The only thing left is COMMUNICATION.

Jeff Soderholm sent in a drive by picture of Lake Nippenicket in Bridgewater MA yesterday.  It and other plates are ready to be scouted.

The Nip 1-23-14

Who’s out looking?  Let us know.  Who’s scouted a local plate? Let us know.  Who wants to check a local plate but needs help (safety in numbers)?  Let us know so we can drum up help from the membership.  Let us know by commenting below or leaving a message on our ice hotline (508) 377-6100.  Please leave something to share with your fellow NEIYA members and ice enthusiasts.

Remember our membership directory is available in the Members login section tab at the top of the home page.  Forgotten the password?  Email me  It was given out at the annual meeting and published in the Black Ice newsletter.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone and be safe when venturing onto new ice.

John Stanton
NEIYA Secretary

P.S. Remember there should still be world class racing going on in Platsburgh, NY tomorrow (Saturday 25th) for anyone that wants to watch.  Do check the IDNIYRA for up to date info before venturing north

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