Last Call for Bylaw Revision Vote


You are likely tired of hearing about the new bylaws.  We have talked about this in our meetings for the past two years.  Talked and campaigned at our Tune-up event.  Filled your mailbox with yellow envelopes.  Over run your email accounts with emails.  Most of you have responded to the appeals from myself and other officers.  Thank you!

Since the bylaw changes are not a regular occurrence and in fact have not been modified since 1971, we wanted to be sure everyone exercises their vote.

So with that in mind, I would like to appeal to anyone who has not cast their ballot to do so ASAP.  The deadline is in my  hands (mailbox or electronically) Monday December 23rd.  Given the timing ballots probably should be submitted via email or fax.  If you have lost the bylaw printout they can be reviewed here.  Response details below.

1) Find the previously received yellow envelope, sign the ballot put it into the return envelope and mail back to me

2) Sign the above ballot or download ballot here, print and fax back to me at 1-508-590-7770

3) Sign previously received ballot or download here, scan or take a picture with your phone and email to me

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.  Member directory and list of those already casting votes are listed under the “Member Login” tab above.  It is password protected. Password is in the Newsletter or email me.

Looks like we will Zamboni down the snow over the next couple days and be back to or start our season shortly there after.

Get those ballots back so we can sail fast into the new season,

John Stanton DN5023
NEIYA Secretary

P.S.  Our own Chad of race course and hotline fame has already voted so there will be no hanging chad ordeals this Christmas.

2 responses

  1. John Eastman

    I believe it is time to drop the hammer. Let the gavel fall to the block. Count ‘em up and do as ya’ please Cuss in the end, it’s g’ana happen Good work folks.

    12/21/2013 at 6:08 pm

    • John,

      Wanted everyone to get a chance to vote. Yes, the deadline was extended to Monday’s mail delivery but that is it. That includes you too as I have not received your vote. You are the sole hold out from Maine.

      Final tallies will be made, referenced against the official member rolls and results will come out on Boxing day if not before. I still have some shopping to do.


      12/22/2013 at 1:59 am