2013 Tune-up Recap

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Thanks to Carter Brown for delivering pictures to the editor

In this week before Thanksgiving this, years tune up was a day of giving back to the sport of ice boating with thanks from everyone present. Thanks to Linda and Steve Lamb for opening up their place as well as the all the food. Linda’s chilli got high marks from all.

A day of giving back decades of knowledge to the interested, the new, novices or looking to sharpen (forgive the pun) their skills. Of note, Eric Anderson and Greg Cornelius who spent hours light boxing and sharpening. Rounding out the grinding pit were John Eastman sporting a brand new machine and Dave Fortier finishing up tips and tails.

Our furthest visitor award goes to Louise Racine (Canada) who picked up her new boat and set up instruction from both cruisers and top racers (see pictures) alike.   Louise, good luck with your new boat.  She is a beauty and I am sure you will have a blast.

Pictures are ALWAYS welcome and can be sent directly to neiyaweb.sailfast@picasaweb.com. Send any and all from the Tune-up.

Hoping the current cold snap continues and see you on the ice.

John Stanton
NEIYA Secretary

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  1. Jim &Crystal

    As newbies to ice sailing we would like to thank Eric Anderson and Dave Fornier for the time spent with us on Saturday at Lamb Co. and all their help. Especially their expertise on sharpening our blades. We have so much more to learn, but have joined a great group to assist. Wish we could have stayed longer, but a grandchild was calling for our attention. Sincerely, Jim & Crystal , Eliot, Maine

    11/25/2013 at 8:22 pm