The song says there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues- especially if you are an ice addict!That said, I hope everyone is making it through this rainy season and keeping amused even though we are all stuck with soft-water activities for the time being.The clock is ticking down to first ice…. Six months or so to go…. Maybe the chilly spring is foreshadowing an early fall and an early freeze- Cross fingers….

Keep ticking those items off the iceboat to-do lists and be ready for the fall! Don’t delay getting your boat fixed up- easier now while it’s warm out!

Personally I’ve modified my tiller to (hopefully) break away in a crash plus some other little details… Built some cool little batten adjusters (don’t need to take mittens off to adjust batten tension with these) and there are still plenty of items left to take care of in order to hit the line fully prepped this fall. Starting to think about travel plans for the winter (Worlds, NA’s, all the regional and local stuff) and of course trying to spread the gospel to the uninitiated masses and grow the fleet a little.

If you are interested in hearing more about iceboating and/or joining the club keep an eye on this page, contact me at t_thieler, and plan on attending our annual fall meeting in (I think) November.

Hope all are well and having a good summer- take care, be safe and stay tuned.

Think Ice!

James “T” Thieler DN US 5224
Newport, RI

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