There Is Hope- Maine States and New Englands….

OK folks, so the Easterns aren’t gonna happen BUT-

Fortier is doing a final check of Damariscotta today and the forecast (clear, cold nights and breeze during the days) is giving us hope that we can get the Maine State Champs in on Saturday and the New England Champs on Sunday.

This is a cunning plan- Let us all rally and wind this season up on a high note!

Stay tuned to this site for details-


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  1. John Stanton

    In case anyone is on the fence Bill Buchholz and Jory Squib have been been writing about the latest conditions on Damariscotta all week on or just look to the right of this page for summaries.and click for more details. While nothing is perfect and never guaranteed this looks like the best or only spring ice conditions in New England and the north east.

    Highly recommend Damariscotta Lake Farm BB which is a short walk up from the lake. Call (207) 549-6088 They have a great restaurant too..

    03/15/2013 at 10:35 am