So Ya Wanna Win The Canadian Champs?….

Here’s how….. Hello Folks- In the tradition of making the winner tell us all how he did it Eric Anderson sends in this blow-by-blow account- It was a close and fun one! Eric was going a lot faster than the rest of the fleet so take note- Read and learn….. T.


Runners 3/16 inserts 90° edge with 18 inches of .008” flat Steering runner was a 26” snow plate, 90° edge 11” of .008” flat. Runners sharp and stoned to 600 grit

Plank was placed 2” aft of max forward, Mast step position was mid range , CSI (Jeff Kent) 4.1 mast.

On Saturday I used a North ABSS sail (Medium flat) all day and on Sunday I used a North F01 (Full sail) both days the sail was about 2 inches below max hoist.

On Sat when we got out to the race course, there was a lot of snow on the ice and both hard bumps and soft drifts. It was fairly slow ice. Wind was around 8 knots to start off the racing. It decreased to 3-5 knots as the day went on

Before the first race I sailed both the F-O1 and the ABSS sails and decided that I was getting the boat up to speed and the mast to bend with the ABSS so it seemed like a better sail. I chose the shorter steering runner so I could sail around the drifts easier and tack faster.

I sailed up the course about 2/3 of the way up on port tack before the race and the course was definitely bumpy. I felt like I needed a fair amount of power upwind and downwind The snow drifts were fairly soft so the plan was to avoid them if possible, but not worry too much if you had to go through one.

I drew Start position # 8 for the first race. I got a good start and punched out quickly to the left side of the course. I Tacked about ¾ of the way up to the layline, and when I converged with the boats on the other tack I had a good lead. It seemed that the left side of the course was favored, (more wind) so I went to that side of the course upwind and downwind, and held on the win that race.

The next 2 races I started going right. Since the left was favorable, I tacked away both times as soon as possible after the start. Both times I was able to minimize the left side advantage and round the weather mark in 3rd In both races I was able to get the lead back by tacking to starboard at the leeward mark when the lead boats banged the right corner.

As the day progressed, and the wind got lighter, I was considering changing to the F-01 sail, but I was going fast so I elected not to change.

The 4th race, I started going right and tacked out again as fast as possible. They had shortened the course to about ½ mile in the lower wind. I rounded in third behind T. Thieler and John Curtis with Oliver a ways behind. This time T covered me going upwind and I got close a couple of times but could not pass him. Oliver gained on us both going down wind (he had switched to the F-01 which was faster in the dying breeze ~4-5 knots) Oliver passed me downwind on the second lap going deeper and faster and I rounded in 4th. John Curtis was leading at the time but sailed to the right corner and T, Oliver and I tacked to the left. At the last windward mark I was right up with Oliver with T about 100 yards ahead and John was way behind . I gibed away from T and Oliver on the last downwind leg. It was not the favored side, but I figured that Oliver had boatspeed on me and T was too far away to catch so the only move was the Hail Mary. I was hoping that John was far enough back that it wouldn’t cost me to try the other side of the course. I finished in 3rd still, but T and Oliver were way ahead at the finish. It was worth a shot. T just beat Oliver over the line.

We quit after the 4th race and got some great chili and beer at the Kingston Yacht Club- yum….

Sunday morning it was below freezing and the crud on top had stiffened up nicely. I decided the F-01 would be the better sail for the high drag ice. I sailed out on plates, but switched back to inserts as they felt pretty good.

Race 5 Wind was more from the west, and the right side of the course seemed less bumpy sailing around before the start. Wind was around 5 knots and it was sticky ice. I started the third race in the third spot, between T in first and Jacek M. in 5th Jacek ran really high and I had to steer up as we were running to avoid him. I was kind of getting squeezed out , but Jacek fell down trying to get in the boat and I was able to get over the top. T rolled over the top of me and I chased him for the next 3 laps. The fast move was to gibe at the windward mark as soon as you were up to speed. T covered me well, I got close a few times, but never caught him. John Curtis finished third.

Race 6 I started from the 2 spot on the unfavored tack. I got a good start and tacked off immediately to get back to the right side. I rounded in second behind T and he covered me well with good speed. On the last beat I tacked early, but couldn’t make the mark, T extended a bit. Oliver was close enough behind me that I couldn’t try another Hail Mary and split gibes with T. T beat me over the line for the victory.

Going into the last race T and I were tied for points, but he would have won the tiebreaker. To win I had to beat T and finish no worse than second. I started from the 2 spot again. Again I tacked back to port as soon as possible and had the boat going well. Oliver had punched out in front of T. The wind was up a bit and I tacked back to starboard first and took a risk on the layline call. I got a nice lift as I tacked and laid the mark cleanly. Oliver rounded in second with T third. I was able to hold them both off. In the last lap T split gibes (tried a Hail Mary) I was very tempted to cover, but I would have lost Oliver, and maybe John Curtis, so it seemed like it was more risky to cover then to let him go. In the end I won that race and overall regatta by a point.

T and I had a great duel the whole weekend, with Oliver and John C fighting it out for third. It really helps that we have a good group in New England to tune and train against, T, Chad Atkins, Eben Whitcomb, Oliver Moore and I all train with each other which is a big plus.

I would like to thank the whole gang who planned and hosted the Regatta, Kingston is a great spot. I am awed to have my name on the same trophy as John Keck and Ron Sherry, and am looking forward to defending it next year. It was a great time meeting a lot of new people, and seeing people I had not talked to in years.

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Eric Anderson US 5193

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