Canadian Champs Done In Fine Style

Folks, I have to tell y’all about the great weekend of sailing brought to us by our neighbors to the north….

The Kingston Yacht Club in Ontario was started as an iceboat club God only knows how long ago. Over the years the focus there has shifted over to soft water sailing but now they have a group of DN-ers getting the winter sailing mojo working once again!

The clubhouse is spectacular, right on the water of course and provides not only a great place to change clothes and get warmed up with a bowl of chili (you wouldn’t think you could find good chili in Canada but somebody up there has a heck of a recipe) and a cold beer but also a sense of sailing in the area over the years. Pics on the walls remind one of iceboating way back, the windsurfing craze, the Canadian 12-meter challenges for the America’s Cup in the late 1980’s, and of course the monstrous CORK (Canadian Olympic Regatta at Kingston) Regatta held every summer.

Nice to have a place to launch from and hang out in- as Eric Anderson said later “It’s great to be in a clubhouse- all too often we hand out awards and have skippers meetings in a snowbank!”

The DN fleet there has a little bit of everything from vintage old “pin-tail” style boats with wood masts and plate runners to modern, bendy beasts…. There is a great deal of interest from these guys (and girls!) in updating gear and getting into the racing circuit- Help ’em out if you can!

Location, location, location….. The club is about 8 hours from RI and CT and about the same distance from Ohio and Eastern Michigan…. Would be a great middle ground for Eastern Champs or any other regatta… Just sayin’….. And Kingston has plenty to do in the evenings for anyone who can stay awake after dinner.

Racing was very well run- thanks to the gang that set the marks and did the duty- ice was a bit bumpy with patches of snow that were worth steering around. Breeze was medium, enough to get masts bent a little but not enough to get boats up to full warp- Wind shifts and tactics were critical- “squaring the course” wasn’t gonna do the trick here and lead changes and tight crossings and finishes were the rule. Exciting stuff!

A TV crew from the Animal Planet channel was on hand filming for an extreme winter sports show to air in June I think- keep an eye out for it-

Sixteen boats were on the line- Don Tyrman sailed a vintage boat to a 10th, Jim Foster was 9th, Peter Van Rossem was 8th, Lennie Liscio sailed his new bendy CSI rig to a 7th, Eben Whitcomb survived an incident with Oliver Moore to take 6th, Jacek Marzenski was just ahead in 5th, John Curtis was top Canuck in 4th, Oliver threw out his DNF to take 3rd, yours truly botched the last-race, winner-take-all grand finale to take 2nd, and it was NEIYA Commodore Eric Anderson who had the extra gear for the conditions to take the big trophy home. He will be detailing his secrets to success soon- stay tuned. Well done!

Full results here:

And thanks again to all the KYC crowd who hosted a very fun event- John Curtis and Lennie Liscio especially for rallying the NE contingient…. Looking forward to seeing these guys as more events- up there and down here!

Several regattas to go- stay tuned for the next event- Easterns maybe???


James “T” Thieler DN US 5224
Newport, RI 02840


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  1. John Stanton

    Now there’s something different “carpetbaggers” from the south. Congratulations to Eric and the rest of the NEIYA racers.

    02/25/2013 at 10:38 am