Easterns Canceled

Eastern Region Commodore Eben Whitcomb has informed me that the Eastern Regional championships will be canceled for this weekend, Feb 16-17 2013. We are still going to try to get both the Easterns and the New Englands in this season, so stay tuned and keep the reports coming.

Oliver Moore

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  1. william tuthill

    Thank you for the updates. I really enjoy reading the posts- especially those by the very eloquent “T” James Theiler. Iceboaters who might be “bi-curious” are always welcome to come to Lake Sunapee [or other suitable destination] to check out a Kitewing.
    If you are used to hauling a DN around, a wing that fits in a ski bag & a pair of skis is a walk in the park. The set up is especially good when frozen gray ice starts to decompose.
    Let me know. It is a great way to keep sailing when the snow has DNs on the sidelines.

    02/14/2013 at 8:09 pm