I would not have believed iot if i hadnt seen it….. just enough breeze filled in to get the NA’s in the books! Seemed like all hope was lost and then suddenly there it was_ just enough to bend the rigs a bit and get us throgh the light snow and drifts-

Three races run (with a 180 shift before the third- committee did great job of course shuffling) and John Dennis won’em all! Must say I almost took one of ’em). Ron Sherry was second, your author won the tie_break to take 3rd from steve orlebeke. Chad Atkins was 6th (lost the tie breaker to young Griffin Sherry)

Car bouncing on frost-heaved road… anyway Eric was 10th, Oliver at lucky 13. Eben was 8th in silver- not bad!

Chad at the wheel sipping coffee_ time for me to snooze for a while_ signing off from the proud highway- MR T

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