Greetings from the great state of Minnesota!

Regatta site selection was not an easy one – snow, warm weather, approaching bitter cold weather, open water, snowed out ice, politics….. Finally Lake Pepin MN was chosen and Chad and I hit the road. And…. here we are after an uneventful if somewhat long drive out from RI. Glad I have an entertaining co-pilot- The trick is to piss him off and give him a large coffee- he’ll drive like a madman all night long!

Lake City, MN is interesting. The sign at the town border proudly proclaims that water-skiing was invented here- hard to imagine when you only see the place in the dead of winter and the lake is frozen solid. But the restaurants and pubs all have water skis on the walls as decor and lots of photos of skiers making pyramids and such…. Makes you think you’re in Florida….

The lake itself is a wide spot in the Mississippi River. Yes, the Mississippi River. Still navigable all the way up here- Channel markers all in place, frozen in for the winter- red, right, return! Interesting to think that the frozen plate we are standing on will melt, head south, flood the midwest, continue to the Big Easy, be part of the party there, flow out through the Delta, make a home for the gators and snapping turtles and catfish, make it’s way to the Gulf and heat up and either start a hurricane or flow around the Keys and become part of the Gulf Stream…. Whoa…..

Stretched out yesterday and of course turned the condo (VERY nice place) into a workshop. We have a boat set up in the kitchen and one set up in the dining room. Perfect level, hard floor for aligning runners. Nice and warm so shim tape will stick and fingers don’t freeze! THIS is living….Have to see if my living room will work for this when I get home- somehow I doubt it.

Registration today, will go out and practice later. Plenty of people rolling in, I think we have 8 countries represented. From New England we have myself, Chad Atkins, Oliver Moore is flying in (currently stuck in DC- always something with that kid….), Eben Whitcomb, Eric Anderson, Jeff Kent and honorary New Englander Bernd Zeiger.

That is all to report for now- will update when we have some news!

Think Ice!

MR T DN US 5224

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  1. T, I know a really good saloon in Hastings called the Bierstube. That’s a little far from you, but there’s another one right in Red Wing that I have not been to. If it’s anything like the one in Hastings, good joint.

    01/26/2013 at 9:48 am