This weekend 1/26-27

Eric, T, Chad, Eben, Oliver and past champion Jeff Kent are currently making their way to the Worlds and NAs at LAKE PEPIN, Lake City, MN.  Safe travels.  Wishing all of you clear air and speed off the line and around the marks.

We can again look forward to daily updates from our VC.  The one and only travels with “T”.  He is sure to entertain us with tales from the highways, byways, honky tonks and hard ice.

Meanwhile, the rest of us need to take advantage of the cold snap and find some ice to sail.  The folks in Maine have been sailing all week.  Check out for what Bill and Jory have been up to.

Ring in on where you’re going or considering going.  What’s left to check?  Any salt ice setting up?  Leave a comment.  We want to hear what you have found and where you intend to sail.

Remember:  never sail alone.  It’s not safe and more fun with others.

John Stanton
NEIYA Web Ice Comm.

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